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How to withdraw funds?

Login to the Hei5 application, enter the "Withdraw Cash" menu, then fill in the amount of funds you want to withdraw and click withdraw.

Important Notes for Withdrawal:

• Funds withdrawn cannot exceed available funds

• Fund withdrawal process:

1. If the funds withdrawn are effective funds, they will be processed the same day

2. If the funds withdrawn are from the sale proceeds, they will be processed after we receive the funds on the settlement date (settlement date).

How to Top Up Funds for my Stock Account?

Top Up funds using normal banking transfer mechanisms, which are: Transfers between accounts (if the personal account registered with the RDN is the same bank) or Transfers between banks (if the personal account registered is different from the RDN).

What is Stock Transfer?

A mechanism such as funds transfers, but Transfer of Shares is a process of transferring shares which are only allowed from between share accounts with the same owner (1 SID or Name of the same share account holder).

The process of moving shares can be between securities or between accounts in the same securities company.

If the share transfer process is carried out to a different securities account, a share transfer fee from KSEI will be charged in the amount of IDR 22,000 per share.

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