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What and Why Investment?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Investment is: an asset or item acquired that created with the intention of allowing money to grow or generating income.

Investment is an important step in someone’s life to achieve the desired goals in life.

Each type of Investment has the potential gain and loss. These two things are directly proportional, which mean to have Low Risk Low Return and/or High Risk High Return.

Type of Investment:

1. Gold

Buy Gold, kept and sell it when the price increase.

2. Mutual Fund

Is: A vessel used to collect funds from the investor community to be further invested in a securities portfolio by the Investment Manager.

Type of Mutual Fund are:

a. Stock Mutual Funds

b. Mixed Mutual Funds

c. Fixed Income Mutual Funds

d. Money Market Mutual Funds

e. Protected Mutual Funds

3. Stock/Shares

Shares are prrof of ownership of a company that is a claim on the income and wealth of the company.

“Buy Stock = Owner of the company”

One of Type Investment that easy to do and often called as High Risk High Return.

4. Bond

Common called as Debenture, is one of Investment Tools that trade through Secondary Market in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Type of Bonds are:

a. Corporate Bonds

b. Sukuk

c. Government Bond

d. Asset Backed Securities

5. Deposit

Safe keeping Money in the Bank with an agreed-upon time such as 3,6,12 or 24 months, etc.

The fund can not be withdrawn before the agreed due date and there will be penalty charges if it is withdrawn before due date.

6. Property

Using funds to buy Land, House or Building in the hope of increasing prices within a certain time.

There are so many types of Investments, make sure you choose an investment that fits. Tips on how to choose Investment and getting started with Investments:

1. Invest based on the funds that you have.

2. Invest to something that provide easiness in all process.

3. Invest to something that provide the desired profit and learn the things on how to anticipated loss.

Invest with the correct Investment Company that had Complete Licence and supervise by Authorized Party, so your Investment Fund will be safe.


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