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Stock Investment

Updated: May 31, 2022

Currently Stock Investment process has been simplified in the era of digitalization. Starting from Opening Account, Learning how to invest in stock, Online Buy and Sell Transactions via your own device (Smartphone and Desktop/Laptop) and Complete reporting of Securities Account from daily, monthly and others.

There is saying that “Don’t know than Don’t Love”, therefore easiness that currently provided need to be use maximum.

We can learn about how to do Stock Investment at anywhere and anytime. We can start learning important things related Stock Investment by easy and for free.

Have Full Control over your personal Investment to achieve your dream target.

Stock Investment provide potential high gain which also accompanied by potential high risk (High Risk High Return).

Potential Gain of Stock Investment:

a. Dividend (Profit that comes from the company’s profit sharing)

b. Capital Gain (Profit that comes from stock price increasement)

Potential Loss of Stock Investment

a. Capital Loss (Loss due to stock price decrease)

b. Liquidation (Loss due to Company went bankrupt)

In order to start Stock Investment, Ensure to choose a Securities Company that has Registered Licence and supervised by the competent authorities (OJK, IDX, KSEI, and KPEI).


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